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Business Loan

Business Loan is an unsecured loan for Business use which does not require any security or collateral, it can be availed for working capital, purchasing equipment, sudden business requirement and other valid purposes.
Business Loans for Small and Medium Enterprises

Cash Credit/ Over Draft- A Cash Credit is a short-term cash loan to a company and we provide it against collateralize security.

Working Capital Demand Loans- we provide working capital facilities in the form of Working Capital Demand Loan instead of cash credit facility. The primary or collateral security will be as mentioned in cash credit facility. Here also interest is levied on the amount drawn rather than on the amount utilized.

Term Loans- we caters to the need of long-term funds to enable growth opportunities of business, capacity expansions, plant modernization and other such requirements. Keeping these requirements in mind we provide term loans up to acceptable tenor with suitable moratorium, if required, and repayment options structured on the basis of companies estimated cash flows. These loans are primarily secured by a first charge on the fixed assets acquired through the loan amount.The loan is against Suitable collateral security.

Bill Discounting Facilities-we provide bill discounting facilities to fund customer's receivables. This is done by discounting credit worthy bills or receivables and providing credit against that. This facility is provided for a period of 3-6 months depending upon the tenor of the bill.

Export Finance- we provide finance for export activities in the form of Pre-Shipment Credit against firm order and or Letter of Credit and Post shipment credit. Credit is available for procuring raw materials, manufacturing the goods, processing and packaging the goods and shipping the goods. Finance is provided in Indian or foreign currency depending upon the need of the borrower.

Buyers Credit- we provide Buyer's credit, it is the credit availed by an Importer (Buyer) from overseas Lenders i.e. Banks and Financial Institutions for payment of his Imports on due date. The overseas Banks usually lend the Importer (Buyer) based on the letter of Credit (a Bank Guarantee) issued by the Importers (Buyer's) Bank.

Bank Guarantees- we provide Bank Guarantee on behalf of our client to various other entities such as Government, quasi Govt bodies, corporate and so on. A range of guarantees are provided such as Performance guarantee, financial guarantee, EPCG etc.

Letter of Credit- Apart from fund based working capital facilities we provides a range of Non-Fund Based facilities such as Letter of credit, Bank Guarantees etc. Letter of Credit is provided to meet need for trade purchases. These are generally provided for 3-6 months depending upon customer's trade cycle. Apart from this we provide Import Letter of Credit for importing machinery or capital goods.

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