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Govt Schemes and Incentives
Coir industry

The Coir Board runs various subsidy schemes for the coir sector, as provided below:

Rejuvenation, Modernization and Technology
  Upgradation of the Coir Industry

A Central Sector Scheme on Rejuvenation, Modernization & Technology Up gradation of the Coir Industry was launched during 2007-08, on a pilot basis, to facilitate the sustainable development of the Spinning and Tiny/Household Weaving Units of the coir industry by providing proper work sheds and enabling replacement of traditional age old ratts with motorized ratts in the Spinning sector and replacement of traditional looms with the mechanized looms in the Tiny/Household sector in the first phase, during XI Plan.

The main objectives of the scheme include modernization of Coir industry by adoption of modern technology in production and processing of Coir in the spinning and weaving sectors; Upgradation of the production and processing technology for improving the productivity and quality; and increasing the efficiency and productivity for enhancing the earnings of the workers and income of spinners/ tiny-household sectors, among others.

The norms of assistance are as below:

Spinning unit: The financial assistance or government grant/subsidy would be 40% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 80,000 (Rupees eighty thousand only) per unit
Tiny/ household unit: The financial assistance or government grant/subsidy would be 40% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,00,000 (Rupees two lakh only) per unit.

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Extension of Financial Assistance to Coir units in the Brown Fibre sector

The Coir Board runs a scheme for financial assistance to the coir units in the brown fibre sector. The rate of financial assistance under the scheme is 25% of the cost of equipments and infrastructural facilities subject to certain ceiling limits based on the type of unit.

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Scheme for Extension of Financial Assistance for Generator Set / Diesel Engine

The purpose of the scheme is to give one time subsidy to fibre/ curled coir production units in the brown fibre sector to carry out production at periods of power cut/ low voltage and to ensure supply of brown fibre and curled coir to meet the requirements of rubberized coir products, coir rope, yarn and mats and matting sectors.

The quantum of subsidy for one unit will be 25% of the cost of generator set subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000/-. This will be a one time financial assistance and will be granted on the basis of expenditure incurred by the unit.

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