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Export Promotion Of Capital Goods Scheme(EPCG)

EPCG licence holders can opt for Technological Upgradation of the existing capital good imported under the EPCG licence.

The conditions governing the Technological Upgradation of the existing capital good are as under:

The minimum time period for applying for Technological Upgradation of the existing capital good imported under EPCG is 5 years from the date of issuance of the licence.
The minimum exports made under the old capital good must be 40% of the total export obligation imposed on the first EPCG licence
The export obligation would be refixed such that the total export obligation mandated for both the capital goods would be the sum total of 6 times the duty saved on both the capital goods

In the case of EPCG licences issued to agro units in the agri export zones, a period of 12 years reckoned from the date of issue of the licence would be permitted for the fulfillment of export obligation.

The agro units in the agri export zones would also have the facility of moving the capital good (s) imported under the EPCG within the agri export zone.

An LUT/ Bond in lieu of BG may be given for EPCG licence granted to units in the Agri Export Zones provided the EPCG licence is taken for export of the primary agricultural product.

A person holding an EPCG licence may source the capital goods from a domestic manufacturer instead of importing them. The domestic manufacturer supplying capital goods to EPCG licence holders shall be eligible for deemed export benefit.

In the event of a firm contract between the EPCG licence holder and domestic manufacturer for such sourcing, the domestic manufacturer may apply for the issuance of Advance Licence for deemed exports for the import of inputs including components required for the manufacturer of said capital goods.

The import of motor cars, SUVs, all purpose vehicles for hotels, travel agents, or tour transport operators and companies owning/operating golf resorts will not allowed under the new Zero Duty EPCG Scheme. Reduced EO for Domestic Sourcing of Capital Goods The quantum of specific Export Obligation (EO) in the case of domestic sourcing of capital goods under EPCG authorizations has been reduced by 10%. This would promote domestic manufacturing of capital goods.

Reduced EO for units in the State of Jammu & Kashmir In order to encourage manufacturing activity in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, it has been decided to reduce the specific export obligation (EO) to 25% of the normal export obligation. Earlier, this benefit was announced on 5th June, 2012 in respect of units located in North Eastern Region and Sikkim. This provision is now being extended to J&K.

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