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MPCB Licence

(Maharashtra Pollution Control Board)



Any industry, operation or process or an extension and addition thereto, which is likely to discharge sewerage or trade effluent into the environment or likely to emit any air pollution into the atmosphere will have to obtain consent of the State Pollution Control Board under the provisions of Water (P & CP) Act, 1974 and Air (P & CP) Act, 1981.
Similarly any industry / process generating, storing, transporting, disposing or handling hazardous waste as defined in schedule 1 and 2 of Hazardous waste (Handing and Management) are required to obtain authorization from MPC Board.
The medical institutions generating biomedical waste as defined in Biomedical Waste (M & H) Rules, 1989 are required to obtain Authorisation under the said rules.

MPCB being a major regulator for implementation of environmental Laws and pollution control in the State, plays an important role in securing sustainable development by enforcing various laws, rules, regulations notifications etc. pertaining to prevention and control of pollution. It is also responsible for monitoring of pollution and for preventive and curative action.

At present industrial license for manufacturing is required only for the following:

Industries retained under compulsory licensing.
Manufacture of items reserved for Micro and Small Enterprise sector by Medium and Large Enterprise.
When the proposed location attracts locational restriction.
Industries reserved for the Public Sector.

Normally the MPCB's No Objection Certificate in the form of combined Consent to establishment under Water Act, Air Act & Hazardous wastes Rules would be required for setting up of an industrial unit. There are three types of consent issued:

Consent to Establish :
All the industries and activities needing consent must obtain consent to establish before actual commencement of the works for establishing the industry/activity.

Consent to Operate:
This consent needs to be taken before actual commencement of production including trial production. This consent is valid for certain duration.

Renewal of Consent to Operate:
The consent to operate is renewed after certain period.

The fees for consent under Water & Air Act are payable on the capital investment of the industry (Including land, building and machinery without depreciation). The fees for authorization under Biomedical waste are linked to the bed capacity of hospital.
The fees are payable in the form of DD at Sub-Regional offices of the Board along with completely filled application form.

Documents Required- (3 SETS)

Application Form For the Consent
DD For the statuary Fees Amounted DD No Bank
lease Agreement copy with owner & 7/12 Copy(for Non MIDC)
MIDC agreement and possession receipt(for MIDC)
grampanchayat NOC copy in name of Company(for Non MIDC)
Final drawing copy of factory and layout copy
Declaration for the investment By Chartered accountant
water budget means input water, uses, applications, losses, recycled, Effluent
Manufacturing process of each product in detail.
Process flow diagram
MSME copy
M.O.A. Copy
List of Raw Material With monthly or annual consumption
List of manufacturing Products with monthly or annul quantity
Details of the Generators or boilers(Capacity,Fuel type and quantity)
Details of the Stack and the chimeny(Height,Portol Diameter )
Details of Hazardous/Non Hazardous waste Type of waste,Quantity and details of disposal
Details of ETP/STP Process and scheme diagram
Details of Paint booth if there.

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