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Project Report Preparation


Your company seeking financial assistance for implementation of its business idea is required to prepare a Project Report covering certain important aspects of the project as detailed below:

• Promoters background/experience
• Project location
• Product with capacity to be built up and processes involved
• Technical arrangements
• Cost of the Project and Means of financing thereof
• Availability of utilities
• Market Prospects and Selling arrangements

These financial workings could be prepared up to 10 years, incorporating therein the actual for the last 3 years. i.e. 3+10 years.

The financial reports would include:

Detailed Cost of Project and Means of Finance, including phased cost of project and phased means of finance
Detailed Profitability Workings and status of Net Cash Accruals
Sources and Disposition of funds – Cash Flow Statement
Detailed and Exclusive workings for Working Capital Assessment
Detailed and summarized Balance Sheets for 13 years
Ratio Analysis on Profitability, DSCR, Financial Leverage, Gearing, Turnover Ratios and all public finance ratios
Detailed Break Even Analysis
A much detailed Sensitivity Analysis - going much beyond Gross Profit, Sales or Raw Material and incorporating therein sensitivity on DSCR,
Break Even, ROI, Revised Tax workings, etc. and all on the four different user defined parameters
Pre-tax and Post-tax IRR workings – both project and equity IRR and Payback period, etc.

Mentioned below is the standard format for preparing Project Report for Bank Loan:

• Introductory Page
• Summary of the project
• Details about the Promoters, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
• Current Status of the Bank, its products and services, target market, and activities.
• Employees, details about the top management, their educational qualifications, work
  experience, etc.
• Infrastructure facilities, tools deployed, operational premises, machinery, etc
• Customers, details about them as well as prospective customers
• Regional Operations
• Fiscal acquisitions and tie-ups
• Means of Financing
• Balance Sheet
• Profit and Loss Statements
• Fund Flow Statement
• Chief Ratios
• Break Even Point Evaluations
• Conclusions

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